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Cheapest way to get an N91?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Sanchez, 10 May 2006.

  1. Sanchez


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    I've been looking about and I quite fancy one of these. The contact that I have at the moment is great for me (I've got the Orange student deal). The tariffs that I have seen so far for the N91 are not really much good for me. What's the cheapest way of getting the N91 on contract? I've seen CPW do it for £50 on a £35 pm contact. Would I be best taking that out and then knowcking it down to the lowest tariff? Or do you think I could get away ith getting one from P4U as everytine I go in they offer to buy me out of my contact! Any help s appreciated!

  2. toy_soldier


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    Phone companies wised up to the get it on a high tariff and then lower it straight away trick, I think most now have a policy where you cant change it down for 6months - maybe longer.
    If P4U are trying to buy you out of your contract then why not see what they have to offer...
  3. stoofa


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    If you are going to take the "Get phone for free on high tariff" route make sure you assume you will be paying the high tariff for at least six months.
    It is also important to make sure you read all of the small print of your contract as there is just as much chance you cannot lower your tariff.
    So using your example, assume:

    £50 for phone
    £35x6 for the six months before tariff drop
    £20x6 for the six months after the tariff drop (if you are allowed to)
    Total over the 12 months £380

    Remember that could become £470 total if you're not allowed to drop tariff.