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Cleaning Mould

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by slothmeister, 11 Apr 2006.

  1. slothmeister

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    Joined: 21 Feb 2006

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    Location: Southampton, UK

    Well hello there, since we've started renting this new place we've been having a real problem with mould forming above the shower, it's because there is no vent, yet there are windows?!? It's mainly because we don't wipe down the walls after a shower (Who uses paint on shower walls aswell?)

    So what is the best thing to clean mould off walls?
  2. TheCrow

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    Think u get Mr.M. which u just pray every where after a shower, now cleaning involved :D
  3. yermum

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    Speak to your landlord about this as it could be a deeper problem than it first appears. The mould could be coming from under the paint and needs treating properly.
  4. robbiemc

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    This sounds like a condensation issue.
    I had a similar problem in my bedroom that was fixed with the addition of two air-bricks and an extractor fan in the bathroom.

    I would speak to the landlord and ask him not to ignore this problem as its not going to go away. Point out that its not a healthy environment to live in and the longer he leaves it, the bigger his repair bills will eventually be.

    To limit the problem I would ensure that when you shower, leave the window open every time, and ensure that leave the window open for a while after you've finished in the bathroom.

    Hope that helps!
  5. Ex-RoNiN


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    YOu can get special mould removers for walls too.
  6. alexakasloth


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    Bit of bleach mixed with water and use a sponge scouer (sp?). Need to do that soon actually.
  7. Zefan


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  8. jaydee


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    why not just get a cheap shower curtain or whatever and pin it/hang it on the shower wall. Tiles, obvously, but if you're renting maybe a curtain's the low-cost instant fix. The wall should dry out and my guess is that where there ain't damp there probably won't be mould. When the water's gone the mould's gonna move on, so to speak..
  9. Zip


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    Ill be the first to say CILET BANG :D
    Now dont go miss reading that like i always do :p
  10. wesley


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