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cod 4

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by nemodog, 17 Mar 2009.

  1. nemodog


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    hi turned pc on today and cod 4 started like i`d just installed it even though i`m on level 55 my profile is still in my folder but the game does`nt pick it up tried system restore no luck only thing i can think of is the day before i turned uac of i`m running vista i`ve turned uac back on but the game can t find my profile arrrrrrrgh desperate for help thanks nemodog
  2. craptakular


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  3. Ice Globe

    Wise Guy

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    Have you got another "My Documents" folder or whatever the Vista equivalent is?

    I used to experience problems as GTA:SA created a new "my documents" folder which all my games would then search for their saves and fail.