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compatibility question.

Discussion in 'Memory' started by Russian_Hitman, 1 Aug 2006.

  1. Russian_Hitman


    Joined: 10 Jul 2005

    Posts: 55

    Seems a few people are having problems with RAM + conroe boards... Since mine are in the warehouse about to be packed in the morning. If i need to change my RAM i need to do it first thing in the morning :O

    So basicly i need to know... will this ram

    G.Skill 2GB DDR2 NR PC2-6400 (2x1GB) CAS5 Dual Channel Kit

    Work in the DS4 without having another stick of ddr2 handy?

  2. LordShadow


    Joined: 25 Aug 2004

    Posts: 500

    Location: Chester, England

    I'm hoping so since I get this pairing with my E6600 tomorrow - will report in asap to tell you if i can get it to run tomorrow morning.
  3. Russian_Hitman


    Joined: 10 Jul 2005

    Posts: 55

    mines hurtling towards me now so im a bit buggered if they dont :)

    Dont even have a spare ddr2 module to flash bios if they update it :(