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Computer crashes while transferring photos...

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by ab1385, 25 May 2006.

  1. ab1385


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    Can anyone help? I've just bought myself a shiny new 350D (how original) and went out for a first play with it last night, shooting in RAW+JPEG. When I got home, I plugged in the camera, and clicked on explore the camera in my computer - and only the JPEGs were there. No problem, thought I, I shall just install all the official canon software and look for it all that way.

    Now, when I use the official software to 'acquire images' it gets to about 17 (of 33) then crashes, and won't do anything. It's done this 3 times now, and won't copy across my images. What am I doing wrong? My computer is an A64 with 512MB of RAM, which I would have thought could cope with 33 photos...
  2. rpstewart

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    It's possible that there is a corrupt image on the camera which the Canon software is struggling to cope with.

    Try downloading a copy of Downloader Pro from breezesys.com and see if that copes any better. I gave up on the Canon software years ago and use Downloader Pro and a card reader in preference.