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Computer just boots to safe mode options screen

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by AnastieByte, 7 Feb 2006.

  1. AnastieByte


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    My mate rang me lastnight his pc for no known reason will only show the safe mode options screen (you know the one with "Boot into safe mode" and the various choices)
    He said the pc makes no beeping sounds and other strange noises such that may indicate HDD failure. All was working well until he switched pc on and gets the above options screen. Hitting any of the options results after some initial scrooling of txt (I presume this is safe mode attempting to load) goes straight back to the options screen.
    Im not sure what this could be HDD fail?? Im not sure of a disk that may be available to at least let me get the pc to open windows? Would that help?
    Could it be a virus although he had Norton updated and running? Is it time for a clean reinstall?
    Any help appreciated as Im going to try and look at it tomorrow.
  2. chrislusty

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    Could be possible damage to partion table or boot sector on the disk, pop the disk in another pc as a slave drive, see if you can get what ever data is needed off the disk, then try re-installing windows.