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condemneds fear factor(no spoilers plz)

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by bakes0310, 2 May 2006.

  1. bakes0310


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    I ordered condemned last night and it will be here tomorrow, im really excited about it as i thought the demo was really cool and phsychologically scarry.
    Is it like this through out the whole game.
    After reading gamespot review they say the combat is amazing and it really feels like your hitting someone in the face with a plank :)
    But the bad stuff they said was that its very short and the scenery is boring after corridor after corridor. But thats what they said about f.e.a.r and personally i thought it was an average length and i didnt really care about the corridors, which game would you say is longer fear or condemned.
    Is this the sort of game to play in the dark at night time to get the atmosphere, i done that with fear and it does make you jump :)
  2. dunno

    Wise Guy

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    It is quite scary, I think the "boringness" of the corridors was a conscious decision by the devs, also you are running after this one guy and if you were running from the police you wouldn't do it outside would you?!. The corridors serve to confuse you and in turn heighten suspense. Sure it can be annoying as you can get a bit lost but you know you’ve been in a room due to the dead people on the floor and nothing is more scary than saying to your self "ive been here dammit" when all of a sudden 3 dudes come running at you out of the shadows :D

    I think it is scary but im a wuss :p