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Confused by T-Mobile's Abroad rates

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by PureAppleJuice, 11 Jul 2006.

  1. PureAppleJuice

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    Basically i'm going to New Zealand in a week tomorrow - I'm on the FlexT 20 package. Obviously the calls are much more expensive, but not as pricey as I thought they would be. I was wondering if they'd just add those calls to my bill, or take it out of my allowance, but more of my allowance takes a hit.
    Also any idea how much it would cost to call from new zealand to spain with t-mobile?

  2. steviec

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    Not got a clue could try T-Mobile direct or trawl through their web site.

    One thing I was impressed with with T-Mobile when I was in Barcelona last week I got a text from them on arrival at the Airport advising of call, text & data cost back to the UK.
  3. Morba


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    i think that it works out quite weird, but dont quote me on this...

    cost of call to spain from new zealand:

    cost from NZ to UK + cost of call to spain (if its a t-mob phone in spain then you pay cost back to UK only, if its a spanish mobile or landline, then you pay both costs that i mentioned).

    that could be wrong tho :/
  4. Dutch Guy


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    Every time I called abroad they just add the cost to my bill, it would not affect my allowance.
  5. jhmaeng

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    Be careful that you're looking at the correct tables.

    Often, the operators will charge relatively little to call abroad from the UK (due to competition with things like calling cards), but when you look at the rates for receiving calls whilst abroad, or making calls back home, they are very very expensive.

    For example, on O2, it costs 99p/min (30p/min with ITS) to call Zone 5 (mostly Asia/Oz/NZ) from the UK. However, it costs 85p/min (60p/min with ITS) to call back to the UK and 130p/min (50p/min with ITS) to receive a call from the UK whilst in Zone 5.

    PS. I'm 90% sure that they will add the cost of the calls on top of your allowance, not take it off your allowance.
  6. PureAppleJuice

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    Thanks for the replies. Would seem you're right, had to read all the crummy little small print. Calling cards it is ;D

  7. Freefaller

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