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Cooler for Leadtek 7800GT EE

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by particleastro, 9 Apr 2006.

  1. particleastro


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    Oi oi,
    I bought this cad and am v impressed. Thing is the stock cooler sucks and every week or so decides to ignore the drivers controlling the fan speed and gets stuck on 100%. Also, any other nVidia drivers dont support the fan controller on the card, which again means stuck at 100%. As a result, I have been having to use the 77.77 drivers which came with the card. What I wanted to know is : does the ac nv5 rev3 have a fan controller hooked into this same thing, and so will it too also run at 100% if I update my drivers? Also, and this has been discussed elsewhere I know, is it better or the same as the vf900, which I have read is a little flaky at times. I had a VGA silencer on my old 9800pro and was well impressed, any reason to change?


    p.s also, if anyone knows of a fix for this annoying problem, can you point me towards it? Ive tried programming Riva tuner or Coolbits to control the fan using temps or loads, but the drivers seem to override it after about a week and, once again, 100% all the way...
  2. wellibob


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    I own a VF900, and its lovely (gives it a hug). Easy to install , and a fanmate & ramsinks are supplied. Advise a better paste than the white poo i got with it ! :eek: