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copying files from a PC to a SE K800i...

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Phantom, 24 Jul 2006.

  1. Phantom


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    Hi peeps... i have a head scratcher here and any help would be much appreciated!

    I have a mate who bought a K800i recently and decided she wanted to copy some files onto it from her Laptop (running windows XP home). she's install the software from the CD which came with the phone and attached it to the laptop via the USB cable. Followed the relevenat instructions and gone into file manager suit but gets read only errors when trying to copy the files across.

    the laptop says the connection is fine and in My Computer it comes up as a removable hard disk E. Thats good as it recognises the phone as it should but why cant she then copy files to it? I asked her to check if the phone came with any flash media but the answer was no. can you not copy directly to the phone memory or do you have to have flash memory inserted into the phone in order to transfer files?

    (her laptop doesnt have bluetooth so we cant try data transfer in that way and ive not tried doing it myself so only going by what she can tell/describe to me)

    what do you think coul;d be the problem?