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Corsair Hx100i and ModCable issue

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by Ben Muriel, 3 Dec 2018.

  1. Ben Muriel


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    Hello, I am looking for some support with an issue i have with my new PC build. i will try and keep this short. i have been planning and saving for this PC build for some time. I finally made the order and had everything delivered. i wont list all the parts but the motherboard is a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master. i built it on the desk first using the cables provided from Corsair. No issues, the PC powered on. i Then put it all in the case and swapped the cables for Sleeved cables from CableMod (Pro ModMesh C-Series KIt)(Axi/Hxi/RM)

    There was an audible click from the PSU when i powered on for the first time. the RGB ram lit up but the PC wouldn't power on. I put it down to a faulty PSU and ordered another. Same issue, ram lights up but no power. Neither of these PSU's will power up another machine either now.

    Could the cables from CableMod really of broken 2 PSU's? is there anything i should be trying? The PSU fan spins using the paperclip method.

    i should add that the PC works using my old non modular PSU with no issues.

    sorry for the long post. any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. pastymuncher

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    Hi and welcome to the forums. :)

    That audible click could have been the psu's protection kicking in or the psu shorting out. I suppose there is a possibility that the pinout's are wrong on one or more of the cables and have shorted something out. Take your original cable set and compare them very carefully to the CableMod set. If there are wires in the wrong place and it is indeed the correct kit for your psu then I would expect CableMod to do the right thing and replace anything that has been broken. If they are all in the right place were you using the correct leads and didn't mix the 8 pin atx and pci-e leads up? It does happen and I have seen it on here before. Were the cables inserted fully because I have had some cables that are a pig to get in all the way? For £90 you would expect them to be perfect.
  3. Radox-0


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    To just add, I have an HXi unit, was my primary unit for a while before moving to AXi, but the HXi did make a audible click the first time I turned it on from the wall on occasions (50% of the time), not sure why to be honest, but the PSU itself worked perfectly fine, even with a heavy load so suspect the click part is okay.

    Would defo read pasty's comments however.

    Have you tried wiring up your normal set after the cable mode replacement ones failed? would do that to rule out the PSU entirely (though I suspect its not)