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Corsair K68 failed within one year....alternatives?

Discussion in 'Gaming Peripherals' started by x-st, 30 Jan 2020.

  1. x-st

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    I bought my first mechanical keyboard last March, the Corsair K68, and liked the upgrade to Cherry Red switches from membrane. However, within 6 months the supporting stem on the D key cap crumbled and had to be replaced (via slow post from China). Now, just a few months later my left Control key had also broken too, and thanks to the Chinese New Year I'm likely to be waiting 3 to 4 weeks (from first request) for a replacement. It's crazy to be replacing a keyboard that's not even a year old but it seems that's what I have to do as Corsair seem to think replacing key cap after cap is the way to go. That has left me feeling incredibly disappointed in the brand and I doubt I'll be buying from them again....

    That being the case what would be a good alternative with the same Cherry Red switches that isn't going to fall apart on me? The K68 has media buttons so that's a bonus but I'd like to keep it around the same price (i.e around or under £100).

    * the problem with both keys is that the column that the switch inserts into has crumbled on one side leading to it collapsing into the keyboard.