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Corsair XMS Memory

Discussion in 'Memory' started by CLAWS, 8 Jul 2006.

  1. CLAWS

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    Location: West Midlands

    Evening all.

    The motherboard in my sig supports DDR400 memory. I am looking to buy some new memory. I have seen this on OcUK -

    Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3200C2PT TwinX (2x1GB) CAS2 (MY-079-CS)
    A matched pair of 1GB XMS3200C2PT memory modules - 2GB total - ideal for dual DDR motherboards. Memory timings of 2-3-3-6. Ideal for performance users who require large amounts of memory for the latest applications and games available without sacrificing performance as these Corsair modules are capable of running the aggressive timings of just 2-3-3-6 giving exellent performance for those who demand the best.

    Now Ive read the full specification for this and cant see why it wont work in my machine/mobo. Nonetheless I am still asking for a second opinion just for confirmation and to stay on the safe side of the fence.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Explicit

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    Joined: 11 Feb 2006

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    Yes, it will work.

    But, I would go for:

    OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC3200 Dual Channel Platinum Series EL-DDR CAS2 (OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K) (MY-057-OC)

    ...because it's cheaper and has tighter timings at stock. :)
  3. Minstadave


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    Yup thats a better choice :)
  4. ted34

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    I had a set of the corsair 3200c2 and mine did 207 @ 2,3,2,5, 1t at 2.6v. I think i was just lucky with mine though but 99% of them will do 2,3,2,5. As the ocz is cheaper id go for them unless you can stretch for some corsair 3500ll which are some of the best 2gb kits around. Most people seem to get 2,3,2,5 at 237mhz. Took a fair bit of tweaking to get my 3500ll stable but after changing drive strength i can clock them far higher