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Counter-Strike Documentary

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by ben_j_davis, 27 Jan 2006.

  1. ben_j_davis

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    Location: Tonbridge, Kent

  2. OzZie


    Joined: 9 Jul 2004

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    Location: Nottingham

    Lmao at the fat kids profile with fav weapon = awp :D
  3. aftershxck

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    Joined: 3 Mar 2004

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    Location: West London

    thanks for posting, i'm just watching now :) , even more intrigued since the guy named Griffin is that top player 'shaGuar' :eek:
  4. Ricochet J


    Joined: 29 Jun 2004

    Posts: 12,886

    The documentary is true I must admit
  5. Ricochet J


    Joined: 29 Jun 2004

    Posts: 12,886

    Tell this shaGuar guy to come on CoD2. I'll whope his sorry arse! :p
  6. BYTEr

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    Joined: 2 Oct 2004

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    :eek: Ever heard of Team 3D? The one who rival Sk.swe and have you moved other to CS:S to play at Everlan - which they one. Well that "fat kid" is probably one of their best players. The fat kid :p .
  7. Mulder


    Joined: 10 Oct 2004

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    Location: London

    He's still just a fat kid. :p

    This document is great, "the opium dens of the 21st century" :D
  8. Phalanx


    Joined: 5 Dec 2004

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    lol check out t3h noob not using WADS
  9. nO}{8

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    Joined: 25 Jun 2004

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    I had to laught at the marine, some of his quotes were funny. the best one though is when jillian skeeton says that an 8 year old said "im gunna blow you away mom!" its so biased that its just not to be taken seriously.


    Joined: 3 Jan 2005

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    /Me loads up css:D
  11. Uhoh


    Joined: 2 Jan 2006

    Posts: 80

    Whenever i see those demos the gun is always on the left, can u change hands on cs source by anychance? Nice post btw
  12. Etaqua


    Joined: 25 Nov 2005

    Posts: 478

    You can, you need to edit your config.

    I would tell you which line to change, but I've kinda forgotten... :(
  13. OzZie


    Joined: 9 Jul 2004

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    Location: Nottingham

    You can go and do it via the options iirc.
  14. DaveyD

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    Joined: 19 Jan 2003

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    Can't be bothered to watch it, but at least they're playing the proper CS :D :p

    Is a bunch of silly little kids in that documentary, the kind with the attitudes I hate about the community.
  15. Lee2k4


    Joined: 18 Aug 2004

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    Location: Leeds, UK

    Shocking though, that guy talking about that kid that went on a rampage with a gun and got 5 headshots, do you CS made him aim better irl?
  16. Scythe


    Joined: 23 Jun 2005

    Posts: 5,239

    i thought that while watching lolz
  17. Mobius 1


    Joined: 29 Oct 2005

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  18. regimentaldj


    Joined: 5 Jan 2003

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    Download a CS vid called Final Reality shows what shaguar can do (235mb). If you are even as vaguely talented as the fat kid, I will eat my shoe. However don't think he will ever play a real sport off his pc again :(
  19. Robert


    Joined: 20 Oct 2002

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    Edit: Shows like this make me sick. Kids like that obviously do have social issues, but really, come on - there is a divide between real life and video games. Playing quake4 doesn't make me want to go and shoot people :sigh:.
    Last edited: 27 Jan 2006
  20. da_mic_1530


    Joined: 31 Oct 2005

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    Location: Leeds (from Durham)

    i was a really good cod player and regard meself as a good fps player, i never used WADS
    Last edited: 28 Jan 2006