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Courier damaged my hardware? is Nothing to do with OCUK

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by OVC, 14 Oct 2009.

  1. OVC


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    OK first of all this has nothing to do with OCUK it's to do with a courier. Nothing has been purchased from OCUK, I was just putting out some feelers for answers and guidence, I think everybody got the wrong end of the stick. It's my fault I should have explained myself a lot better, I apologise for missleading everybody by confusing you.

    All I was asking was, although the chassis is damaged it looks as though everything else is OK I just wanted to make sure. Again this has nothing to do with OCUK I have purchased hardware from you in the past and you are a very good company to deal with. I shipped hardware which was damaged by the courier.

    Please close if need be and apologsie for double opening a topic which has been closed. :o:o:o:o
  2. rodo

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    Is there a question here?

    Edit: saw other post. Contact the sender (retailer?) who will probably put in a claim with the courier.