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cpu/mobo/mem upgrade

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by utajoker, 12 Mar 2020.

  1. utajoker


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    Looking to upgrade my CPU, mobo and mem in next couple of months.

    Currently have a 4770k and 16gb ddr3 and asus hero mobo. PSU is Corsair HX850

    I have 2 ssds in a raid 0 and a 1080 that will remain. I also have a corsair H110iGT water cooling loop that i would hope to use also if possible.

    I will have between £400 and £500 to spend.

    As you can see i haven't upgraded in a while and am not sure how best to spend the money.

    PC is gaming use only really.

    I will look at upgradeing storage at a later date possibly to M2 drive

    I have lost track of hardware so am not sure whether to go AMD or Intel.

    Any suggestions please?
  2. Mr Mcgoo


    Joined: 15 Feb 2020

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    as you will be using the 1080 and h110igt with the hx850, you will only need mobo, cpu and ram and should be no problem at your price range.
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  3. Quartz


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