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Crashing issues

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ttreaders, 12 Mar 2010.

  1. ttreaders


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    I'm using the bundle seen here http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=BU-042-OE and have been for the past two months or so, I occasionally get a BIOS error on boot up mentioning something along the lines of an issue with overclocking, so I just load ocuk's oc settings from the saved profile and ignore it, as it doesn't happen very frequently (every few weeks)

    However, recently in the last two days I've experienced four crashes which I'm unsure of the cause, I'm wondering if it is due to the overclocking despite temperatures being fine and no buildup to the crashes.

    So far each crash has been different which is a bit odd. First crash I had, the computer just completely froze and I had to reset. Second crash, the computer reset it's self, had a BSOD for a millisecond and booted it's self up, third time it once again froze forcing me to reset and made a sound similar to that of running a stick along some railings, and the fourth time, just 5 minutes ago my monitor switched off as it wasn't receiving any signal and my computer froze up with no sounds - I know it froze as people weren't able to hear me on Ventrilo nor was I able to hear anything myself.

    Please help! :(
  2. doggles


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    I would get in contact with oc's customer service and after sales support as it's from them
  3. jm240


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    Hi ttreaders,

    First as doggles suggested get in contact with OCUK as you will still be guaranteed in some way shape or form.

    From my personal experience, I find that overclocked hardware tends to have a shorter life span.

    Crashing or system instablity sounds very symptomatic of overclocking issues. My last machine suffered the same problems as yours around 7 months after I overclocked. Up till then, everything was stable and fine.

    Then one day it crashed during use, just froze. I rebooted and I got the dreaded BIOS bleep code. it was one continuous beep a pause and then repeat which is indicative of a problem with the mainboard or the memory. I narrowed it down to the mainboard.

    However I took some short steps which actually got me an extra 2 months of life before it stopped forever. Here's what I did:

    Powered off completely, flick the switch on the PSU. Unplugged the 24pin ATX connectors and let sit. I then reset the CMOS and reseated the memory.

    Connected it all back up and ran it on a default bios settings and standard clocks. All the problems vanished, but I can only assume the useage whilst it was overclocked contributed to the hardware's shorter life span.

    Just be weary in future, I know many people swear by overclocking and see it as a waste to run hardware on default but my experiences have steered me away from it, though in your case you should definately query this with OCUK as you have bought an overclocked bundle.

    Hope it all works out
  4. ttreaders


    Joined: 28 May 2007

    Posts: 656

    I'll give them a ring tomorrow.

    Today, I've had multiple crashes but just a minute ago my screen had thousands of red dots on it and froze up - After a reboot I had a BSOD mentioning an error with nv4_disp which I believe points at my graphics card - Could this still be due to OC'ing (perhaps not enough voltage to the GPU slot, or too much? Though that doesn't sound likely to happen now since settings have not changed) or is it my graphics card going out, as it appeared to artifact however would that cause these crashes?

    Either way, I'm running at stock the next few days to see if the problems persist.

    Edit; Running at stock and crazy colours all over my screen when playing WoW, guess the GPU is screwed...

    Is it possible that the bundle's oc settings could of damaged my GPU so badly as to cause this? I'm just slightly concerned it will do the same to the current card I have just replaced it with, a 260 GTX (was a 8800 GT that just broke)
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