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cs5 IR conversion and a little niggle.

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by 86JR, 6 Jun 2010.

  1. 86JR


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    I loved PSCS4 and i like the new features in 5. However it does some things i dont like at all, for example, when i crop and image, it somehow deletes it (button not set on delete) so i end up with an empty canvas no matter how large or small the crop area is.

    Also the layers toolbar, it minimises itself when you click off it or on another program, and so do all the tools, for example, i go to layers, make a contrast layer, it provides me the settings options, i then click on firefox on the other screen to scroll down on a tutorial, and cs5 closes the settings window and the layers toolbar completely, so i have to then scroll down, click back on cs5, then click edit layer properties etc, its a right pain!

    Oh and I followed this tutorial which is designed for CS3, in CS5, and it doesnt work, any ideas why ?


    His actually look IR, mine just look like the contrast is turned up and saturation faded out...
  2. Adrianr


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    Cs5 is doing a couple of odd things not exhibited in Cs4. I'll try and mimic your problems and find a solution. Are you using the default pallette setup or a custom one?
  3. Derek W


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    not sure why yours didn't work but if you look here


    I'm sure theres a link to an IR action in one of the links in the topic. Will edit if i find it in there which would save you the hassle of manually doing it?



    This one is an IR effect but the standard image used doesn't look that brilliant in IR. May be different for what you're using though
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