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CSI Trilogy on Demand five

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Simian, 19 Feb 2010.

  1. Simian


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    Missed it on tuesday, so I thought I'd go over to Demand five and catch up before Tomorrow's second part...

    Imagine my surprise when first off I can't find CSI:Trilogy on the site (even using their woefull search)...

    Finaly found it!... Yay I thought!!...

    So I hit Play and 'Full Screen' as the window on my 16" 1080P Laptop screen is a little teeny...

    Cue some of the most abysmal stuttering... buffering... and its basicaly totaly unwatchable!... untill I click off the 'Full Screen' and its watchable on a postage stamp sized window :mad:

    Thinking it might be Vista being its old faitfull self, I (very anoyed) exited the page.. shouted at my laptop... clicked iPlayer then ITVPlayer & 4OD to see if they do the same!.. Nope!!.. they work beautifully!!.. not buffering or stuttering!!... :confused:

    So now I'm gonna sit down tomorrow night and not know what happened in Miami before they go to NY :mad: (please don't tell me I might get it working... I think they're feuling the pigs at Lyneham for a flypast as I type!!)

    Anyone managed to watch anything on Demand five at 'Full Screen' without any problems!!...
  2. Cosimo

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    Part 1 is repeated tonight on Five at 23:00.