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Curious PSU Death Questions

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Zenduri, 13 Sep 2009.

  1. Zenduri


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    OK so im sat here planning a new rig and i intend to use a fairly new 750w powercool PSU i have.

    Anyway I start to think about my old PSu's, ive had a 450w and 500w both died on me within the last 2 years.
    The 450w went with a click one day while turning it on and died
    The 500w went with a very loud bang, a puff of smoke and a VERY large blue spark inside the PSU (when i took this PSU out and dismantled it, under the fan something had blown up and oozed a white rubber like resin!)

    Neither time did the PSU kill another component (VERY luck i know)

    My question is this... since I know 2 psu's meeting their makers in 2 years is rare and ive always wondered, in a silly way, if theres something in my PC killing them?:confused:

    Now the next question is, given my history would transferring this new (4 months) PSU to a new rig be tempting fate for it to kill something in a new RIG incase for some silly reason something in my current PC has effected it.
    But having said that the PSU has ample built in surge protectors and was testing in shop using a PSU tester.

    Note too that theres no current problems with my PSu
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