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Cycle Carrier for Civic

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Simian, 27 Mar 2006.

  1. Simian


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    Hi Guys,

    I've just got myself a spangly new (well 02 plate!!) Honda Civic 5dr 1.4 Vision (Pipe, Slippers, Driving Gloves, Flat Cap and Jacket with Leather Elbow pads on Order!! :D ) and the Missus has just ordered some nice Dual Suspension Bikes (BOGOF - with 2x Helmets/Lights/Locks included for £150).

    I'm now in the market for a decent Bike rack for the car!... as were going camping in august (First time ever!!) and we want to take the bikes with us!

    I've looked at the Halfords ones and the Paddy Hopkirk ones with Rails and I'm not sure I like the idea of strapping it to my bootlid!...

    Do any of you guys use em?... especially on a Hatchback (Civic preferably)!... Whts the quality/stability/fitting etc like!?!?!...

    I did look at Roofbars etc... but I'm not keen on lugging both bikes up onto the roof!!

    I don't wanna spend too much more than £70ish

    Simon. :)
  2. Malachy

    Wise Guy

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    i got one years ago from halfords for my 19 16v (was the £80 'high rise' one), its pretty well padded so no probs with paintwork, and it even adjusted enough for me to use it with my cabrio :p
  3. Siliconslave

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    supposidly the Saris Bones range are very good, ajustable for a hatch and very secure. Although most racks will adjust to allow you to use with a hatch back, or have versions that will fit. I used to have a cheap one that i'd use on my 206 years ago and it was fine. Although i would take it easy with the bike on.

    Your going to have to be careful with the full sus bikes due to the fame design they may not fit on all racks, and i'm sorry but for £150 i wouldn't buy even one front sus bike, they will be overweight and have little or no useful suspension travel i'm afraid :(
  4. Malachy

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 3 Jul 2004

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    yes i would be worried about weight too. My bike rack is fine but it only carries 1 cross country front sus bike weighing about 23lbs these cheaper full sus bikes tend to be a bit lardy and this would worry me with a carrier.