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Dad surrendering his license, wants me to have his car...

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Scania, 24 Apr 2021.

  1. fonzee


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    The C180 doesn't have a great reputation. They are not exactly reliable, it's auto and it's from an era of Mercedes where their galvanisation processes were laughable.

    The other is one of the last bulletproof Volvos made with one very reliable euro3 diesel lump. They do not rot and they do not go wrong.

    I think I'd pass. The Merc has it on looks, of course because it's a sporty saloon, not a man's man estate. But that's it.
  2. HangTime

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    If the V70 D5 is the 182bhp variant then it will be quicker.
  3. MissChief


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    4 cylinder Mercedes engines have never been that great really. Not sure why though. I guess they're just not seen as a major priority over V6's and V8's in the bigger cars. Although the 2.0 Turbo in the A35/45 is supposed to be excellent but that was fettled by AMG.
  4. kindai


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    Unless you have any sentimental attachment to the car... get rid.
  5. Randomface74

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    Another one for get rid.
  6. Temujin

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    I'd be keeping the Ovlov personally, no other siblings to take on the merc responsibility?
  7. Avalon


    Joined: 29 Dec 2002

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    This is classic head vs heart. Head says Volvo, heart says you’ve persuaded him to give up his freedom, the least you could do is keep the Merc in the family as he obviously has some attachment to it and may appreciate the odd run out in it. Any chance your insurer will add a second car on restricted mileage cheaply or an insurer will mirror NCB (usually smaller independent brokers with more flexible terms vs the computer says no brigade).

    I’ve said ‘no’ in 3 out of 5 of those sort of situations (deceased relative or ‘I’m getting a new car, are you interested in...’ I don’t have 5 parents). It can be a fine line to walk.
  8. Luke


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    I think there is more to this than just the clinical comparison of the two cars. There is the emotional aspect. Yes, it would be nice to keep it in the family, but the flip side to that is your dad may always see that as his car, long after it is sold to you. This can extend to getting frustrated with you if you don't keep it to his standard, or his perception of his standards. When you choose to sell it, he is going to then be invested in that decision and there may be guilt on your part in doing so.
    I'd personally not take it on unless I had a deep emotional connection to the car. If not, then all I see are potential negatives down the line.
  9. geekman


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    If he wants to keep it in the family that much, he can give it to you and you can run it alongside the Volvo. If he wants you to pay him for it, he surely can't be so bothered about it, or he'd like the money, in which case you might as well just help him sell it. Chances are you'll get more money for it that way too.
    Last edited: 25 Apr 2021
  10. gc123

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    as said i cant deem to know your family set up but when the father in law died his car was worth litterally scrap value in the double figures .even though he spent thousands getting servicing timing belts etc changed and doing less than 300 miles between mots(suspect mainly the garage fetching it and because of age he just trusted what the said needed doing , even though ne knew i could still do the work he didnt want to bother me?

    noone in the family wanted it so i stepped in and bought it at top value........several months later im getting repercussions from the family as regards why i have it and they felt as though they were short changed.

    it could cause problems if you have other siblings...my advice if you want the car then **** them and do it but that me :)
  11. phil675


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    My mum had a C180 coupe of similar age, it was a good car to prat about in but would get expensive when anything broke. I can't remember what went wrong now but every time it would be close to a grand, and Mercedes dealers just take the wee with prices.
  12. lordrobs


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    As your dad is keen for it to stay in the family it would probably soften the blow of handing over his licence if you could make that happen some how. Are there any other family members who might potentially want it?
  13. Pyscho_Si

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    So it is a W204? I had a 220CDI many years back. 5 Speed Auto and the foot-operated parking brake. I believe the W204 is when Mercedes stopped being led by beancounters and the quality started to improve again.
  14. Scania


    Joined: 25 Nov 2004

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    Don’t particularly prefer the Merc at all, I’m just thinking it’s slightly younger, has an excellent history and has done over 100k less miles than the Volvo that said, out of the two I wouldn’t expect the Volvo to be the one that breaks spectacularly first!

    I bought the V70 for the reasons you list and to be fair it’s not missed a beat despite buying it at 167k, a year and 8k miles later bar servicing and tyres I’ve had no issues.
    It’s the 163 variant, it may have been remapped as it goes like it’s got no right to, but I couldn’t be sure...

    I don’t think he’s that attached to it as such, I had his old e39 when he bought the C180 and he kept harping on about how much better the e39 was.... :D

    I’ve got two sisters, one with a new Mini Cooper the other a 2 year old Discovery so I can’t see either of them wanting it.

    Yes it’s got the foot parking brake, I think it’s a W204 and it feels extremely tight and rattle free and the bodywork is bar a few minor scratches absolutely fine, no rust whatsoever certainly compared with many similar aged Mercs you see about...

    I think I’ll discuss it with him further at the weekend but am more minded to just sort out selling it for him (he won’t want the hassle of tyre kickers)
    Whilst it’s a nice car in clean condition it’s not what I’d have chosen were I looking for a car by any means, compared to the Volvo it’s wholly impractical for my two German Shepherds, and I found it boring to drive, nice enough certainly but absolutely zero character which ironically the V70 has in spades, the Volvo is much more comfortable too which I wasn’t expecting.

    Thanks for the replies all. :)