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Damm Roadworks

Discussion in 'Motors' started by chris.tarry85, 17 Feb 2006.

  1. chris.tarry85


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    Theres a dual carrigeway by me which is being re-surfaced at the moment, so they have a line of cones down the middle of the road.

    A couple of weeks ago I was driving along this bit of road on my way to work. There was a lorry driving along the coned off bit, he hit clipped one of the cones and pushed it right in front of me.

    Obviously I hit it, not very hard though, it still stayed upright.

    I got out and had a quick look and eveything looked ok so I chucked the cone to side and drove off.

    This morning I've noticed a fairly large scratch where the cone hit (Must have been hidden by mud before). It's looks like its only taken the laqeur (sp?) off but with it being a black car it shows up quite a bit.

    I know full well I won't get anywhere with the council, problem is little things like this really bug me once I know they are there!

  2. Velocity

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    Tried polish on it yet if it's not that deep?
  3. Enfield


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    May sound silly but have you tried rubbing it off?

    When I worked for Domino's pizza, I was pulling into the car park as usual at around 12pm and I turned in too early and clipped the wall - doh!

    Made a massive dent in the rear door which I managed to push most of it out and some scratches, managed to T-cut most of it out though. Thank god for silver cars lol.
  4. Jonny69

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    That's a bit annoying. I wasn't paying attention on the bike once and clipped a cone. It steered me across into the next one which I couldn't avoid and that one did the same. I hit about 5 cones in all before I could muscle the bike away from them. **** me up at the time but it's funny now I look back on it.