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Damn quick php/mysql date/sorting question

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by AtomicBanana, 8 Jun 2006.

  1. AtomicBanana

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    Hi there guys, I've been off and on learning PHP for a little while now, and as I've had some time returned to one of my projects. Currently I can't quite work out how to achieve the function I'm looking for.

    The project I'm working on is a little games database for my own personal use - logging when I bought it, how much it cost etc. Iv'e got the main bit working, can add them, sort by date, name, publisher etc. What I want to do now is have it so I can do things like 'show games bought in last 6 months' 'show games bought in last month' and so on. I have the data information stored as a date type in the database (stored as '2006-03-24' for example). But I can't seem to get a query that does this. I've tried googling for it, but as I don't know quite what I'm looking for the results are quite broad :(

    So show up my poor knowledge of php/mysql ;)

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  2. Beansprout

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    It's amazing what MySQL can do now :D :)