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DDR2 RAM speeds - is it ok to go faster than what the mobo supports?

Discussion in 'Memory' started by bitterSTAR, 8 Mar 2006.

  1. bitterSTAR


    Joined: 7 Mar 2006

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    I have a motherboard that supports DDR2-667, however I want to purchase some DDR2-800 memory because I'm looking to upgrade my motherboard in the near future. Will the memory work fine in my motherboard? And if so, will it affect performance when compared to DDR2-667?

    I know you used to be able to put faster DDR1 in a motherboard that supported slower DDR1, but I want to make sure this is the case with DDR2 before making a purchase!
  2. AWPC


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    Will be fine any DDR2 mobo can allow exact adjustment for all the various DDR2 formats like 533,667,800,1066.

    Sometimes you can get better performance by running say for example DDR2-533 @ 3:4 instead of a 1:1 ratio. Depends on your system but to my knowledge almost every DDR2 mobo (except some of the intel ones) allow a lot of Ram timing tweaks.

    On the mobo in my signature I get an extra 2200 Ram benchmarks in Sandra just by running @ 3:4 instead of 1:1 :eek: