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Defi Guages: Anyone have/used them...?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Fevvahz, 19 Jan 2006.

  1. Fevvahz

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    PLEASE: If the links, are in some way against the rules, just do me a favour and delete them and not lock the thread!


    I've wanted some guages for quite a while, and like a magpie, I always seem to be drawn to the shiney-shiney, most expensive toys. Defi is no exception. However, I've found a solution which is much more pleasing on the wallet. Thats this:


    The Defi Link Display. Obviously i'd need to purchase the control unit:


    ...but those combined some in at around £280. A lot for a guage you might say - but the display, with the control unit will do:

    -oil temperature
    -water temperature
    -oil pressure
    -fuel pressure
    -exhaust temperature

    ...and with the individual guages starting at around £130 ea - thats a considerable saving. Now - the last bit of the jigsaw is sensors. I've had a look at the Demon Tweeks website, and the prices are quite high. Surely, with a little [insert electronic components shop here] fiddling, something could be rigged up a little cheaper!

    Now - does anyone have any experience with Defi kit, and the sensors, the type of connector, and the sensor types? I would have thought there wasnt much difference in 12v sensors for automotive applications (except range of measurement and accuracy obviously).

    So - anyone able to help/suggest anything?
  2. Will Gill


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    I had them in my scoob, they are awesome and very easy to install

    I could waste large portions of my day reliving my journeys with the replay option :D

    all the guages come with the relevant sensors and cabling - although I did purchase mine from NITO who are a subaru specialist so maybe they bundle the correct sensors with the gauges, either way they are sexy as hell, get the blackout variant so when you turn the engine off they turn black. Awesome , I miss mine!
  3. Bear


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    The cheapest place Ive seen Defis is from Nengun from Japan. They start around £80 so there is quite a saving. Note that the Defi link display only shows two things on the display at once.

    Im going to get the oil pressure and oil temp guages and get the link display for water and exhaust gas temp
  4. Fevvahz

    Wise Guy

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    Will / Bear,

    Thanks for your replies. The Defi guages are certainly sexyful. Love the ones that go black. At £80 i may be temped by a couple of individual guages.

    The main reasoning for the Display, over the individuals was the price, and the fact that I wouldnt necesarily want to see all the readings all the time - so I dont mind only seeing a couple of readings on the screen at the same time.