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Dell u2410 flickering issue

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by jordAnwood, 17 Apr 2010.

  1. jordAnwood


    Joined: 8 Jan 2005

    Posts: 30

    Hey guys.

    Basically started to get this flickering issue on my Dell u2410, Originally i thought it might be something to do with the connection but ive switched from HDMI to DVI and so forth and the problem persists.

    Here is the problem, those lines flicker along the bottom randomly and sometimes near the top.

    I have a ATi 4890, which has a LG plugged into it via VGA which has no problems


    If anyone has any idea on whats causing this would be appreciated
  2. shahpor


    Joined: 13 Mar 2007

    Posts: 833

    I would be getting on to Dell for a warranty replacement if I were you.
  3. Phoenixdancer


    Joined: 22 Feb 2010

    Posts: 1,630

    yea replace it mate