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Desert Combat & Planet Side : forums.headrat.me.uk

Discussion in 'PCCG Archive' started by HEADRAT, 16 Aug 2003.



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    Hi All,

    Please don't forget that if you enjoy either Planetside or Desert Combat 0.39 then I have setup forums for these particular games.


    The home of the OCUK's Planetside outfit, also where you can get your Teamspeak account so that you can talk to your new team members.

    Admin = VaderDSL
    Teamspeak Admins = VaderDSL, Iamgud

    Desert Combat 0.39

    A dedicated Desert Combat server that is open to all but OcUK member are particulary welcome. This is a 16 player dedicated server with good latency figures for most players.

    Admin = Flibster, KingAdora

    So please drop by and make use on whats offer, its all free and no subscription or money will ever be required.



    PS In no way is this trying to detract from the "PC & Console Games" or OcUK forum, far from it, these forums are setup to ensure that this forums doesn't get spammed with threads for these particular games..
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  3. Vicar

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    Appreciate the server for DC m8, always good to have a serve where you will recognise some names playing :D always nice to to have good ping as well.