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Devon & Cornwall

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by THE BEAST, 24 Jan 2006.



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    Hi all, My camera ,motorhome & me are heading down to Devon & Cornwall for a couple of weeks in early June & was wondering if there was anything i should make a point of seeing while i'm there (apart from the Eden project which is already penciled in) as i've not been down that neck of the woods before.
    Any info would be cushty. Thanks in advance.
  2. Col_M


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    Well mate, you have the coastline and everything this brings, beaches, surfing, etc. Dartmoor, Bodmin moor and Exmoor are pretty impressive, Dartmoor being the most barron and remote place this side of "up north". Lots of little picuresque villages and towns, these can be fishing villages, country villages with cottages etc. An abundance of wildlife everywhere. National marine aqurium in Plymouth with the deepest tank in europe. Lots of tin mines in Cornwall make good pictures. Tintagel castle. Devonport dockyard, submarines, warships and other stuff.
    Lots really, just the landscapes will give you all the photos you need, if i think of anything more i'll add them to the list. :)