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Different default programs for different user profiles

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by -<=[Tw18]=>-, 3 Aug 2006.

  1. -<=[Tw18]=>-

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    Right, I've always had my computer to myself, but I've just moved in with my girlie and she wants to use the computer too. So I've set her up a account "with admin rights cuz 'user' doesn't let her do anything". But I use Firefox and Winamp for my music. But everytime she goes onto the machine she uses IE for her internet and it changes back IE to be the default internet viewer..argh! And now she wants to start a music collection, but I don't want her to add all girly music to my collection in winamp, so is there anyway I can make her profile use IE and WMP her defaults and mine FF and winamp?
  2. crashuk


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    C:\Documents and Settings\Default User you can add or take away stuff there so when you create user accounts your limiting them other
    or a reg edit
    local computer policy