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Digital TV advice

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by nero120, 1 May 2006.

  1. nero120


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    Hey guys, Im looking to get a Samsung LE27T51B 27" LCD and a SONY VTX-D800U. As far as Im aware the tv is HD ready and has a DVI connection, but I havent seen a set top box that has a digital output (the sony has a scart output). I find that strange, as it is receiving a digital signal, isnt it funny to then output in analog to a digital tv? Will this degrade the picture much or at all? Also, as my flat doesnt have an ariel from the roof, I'll need to use a small indoor aeriel with the set top box. Can I expect a decent picture from this set up? Thanks.

    Note: I also have a Sony DVP-NS30 DVD player which has a coax output. The set top box has a spdif optical out. Is there any product that can receive these signals and then output a digital signal to the tv?
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  2. FrankJH


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    Very few if any stb's have digitial outputs mainly because scart socket is alot cheaper to produce, and with new tv's even now only having one or if you are lucky two digitial inputs , most people would want to use these for a console or dvd player / recorder even with more tv's coming wiht a componant input (which while being analogue is the best input in analogue and can output to hdtv quality and some even prefer it to dvi / hdmi)

    Cant really say whether the scart degrades the signal as its the only real option on most equipment (as each piece of equipment could recieve the signal better or worse than something else in the same place)

    There are decent internal ariels , but most need a signal multiplier or booster to work well and even then they arent always as good as a proper roof device

    As far as I know spdif optical is only used for audio, but is a digital signal.
    As far as I can understand, but maybe someone will correct Me, there would be no point in making an adaptor to go from coaxial to digital as the signal info
    just wouldnt be there, so would be wasteful of the input. I would get a decent scart cable ( I personally recommend IXOS cables) to get the most out of your dvd player, or you can pick up a half decent samsung or pioneer player with hdmi for alot less than £100 whichwill give you a really good image