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Discount fuel

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Tesco, 26 Feb 2006.

  1. Tesco

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  2. JamesRJ

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    Yep been posted several times before but good idea just in case some one missed it
  3. Enfield


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    Yes, has been posted umpteenhundred billion gazzilion times!
  4. L0rdMike


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    Pipeline was set up by motorist and car enthusiast Ben Scammell
  5. dilated

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    On the subject of discount fuel, does anyone have an account with a garage or chain of garages. Something simlar to a store card. I hear that this is also a big money saver.
  6. lordrobs


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    Its ok in theory... can't see it working in practice though.
  7. Glaucus

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    It allready does in holland, so why not hear?
  8. lordrobs


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    Completely different demographics between the two countries. Only my opinion though, I could be wrong.
  9. Phil W


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    edited ;)
  10. stoofa


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    Not only in theory can it work - it will work.
    However at the same time it could be short lived and that would be because people will not follow the loyalty of the card and will go for convenience.

    The "deal" that will hopefully eventually come out is that Pipeline card holders will get a discount at a particular fuel station.
    As the cards are free there is nothing to stop everyone getting a card and enjoying cheaper fuel.
    This is of course great for the company who have got the deal with Pipeline.
    People are in effect "pledging loyalty" and in return they get cheaper fuel.
    Remember this is all on trust.

    So the other fuel company's decide that the only way forward is to reduce their fuel prices as well - going to have to fight fire with fire.
    Now if everyone who has "pledged" to Pipeline continue to buy from the company in question even though other company's may also drop their prices then everything will continue.
    However what will happen is that other company's will drop their prices, people being fickle and not thinking about the "bigger picture" won't stick to the company Pipeline got a deal with.
    Pipeline will come up for renewal, the company will say they haven't got the sales they want and everything will be lost - including the cheap fuel.
    All company's put their prices back up - end of cheaper petrol.

    So people, remember.
    If/when Pipeline gets off the ground, no matter if other slightly easier garages lower their prices so they are as cheap you're gonna have to keep on using the Pipeline card - too many people jump ship and the whole thing will collapse.