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Disk Defrag 'Reserved For Windows'

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by jonislost, 15 Sep 2009.

  1. jonislost

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    Hey Guys, I'm trying to make an bootable image to deploy WinXP SP3 for a particular type of PC. I'm getting stuck actually setting up a machine to take this image from. The problem is that the image is simply too big. Reason is that I have got massive areas of the drive 'Reserved for windows'. So instead of a 600mb image I now have 10GB+!

    If I defrag I can see a strip of contiguous files mid-way across the graph. Example (not the actual machine just a doctored version i've made[can you tell :p]) :


    Is this a representation of the 'reserved sapce'? How can I get rid of it!? I have removed page file, hiberfile, system restore etc...

    Cheers guys! :)
  2. Mattus


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    You could try a better defragger? The Windows one isn't that good and might not consolidate free space. Try MyDefrag or Defraggler.
  3. Caged


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    Or a better imaging app - it sounds like you're making a binary image of the disk as opposed to using an imaging tool that understands what files are. Where they are on a disk shouldn't matter.