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Do you ever think that your friends just roll on a wave through life?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rz30, 21 Feb 2010.

  1. rz30

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    For example i look at some of my friends and family and i just think they seem to cruise through life, all my sibling have been in jobs and relationships from 18 and nothing has seemed to go to much wrong, whereas me, the youngest, i seem to struggle through a bit, i think because i was youngest i used to rely on my siblings to do everything for me and hence i became a bit useless!!.??
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  2. V4NT0M


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    What do you struggle with?
  3. VirtualAdept


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    I kinda know what you mean, my sister and her boyfriend get pretty much everything given to them on a plate while my wife and I have always struggled with things.
    That said, I'm a stronger person for it and wouldn't really want it any other way, barring one thing.
  4. Biohazard


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    Size doesn't matter.
  5. VirtualAdept


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  6. rz30

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    sick boy!! but hey your from Edinburgh so that is cool and i am drunk(so don't remember this!

    I mean truthfully, that being the youngest of four, people think, OH YOU ARE SOOOOO LUCKY, the baby, blah blah blah , you must be so spoiled, and yes you can be spoiled, but when they all leave and you face the big world, you can find you go from being the big attention to the absolute useless(outstide you family) as you have been so used to relying on your siblings.

    Listen , i am a bit drunk, so maybe talking BS?
  7. Raymond Lin

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    The grass is always greener the other side.
  8. Sonea Fifer


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    You maybe drunk but your certainly not talking BS.

    I'm an only child and people automatically think "spoilt rotten" where as nothing could be further from the truth. My upbringing though not always happy has shaped me into what I am today and I'm dam proud of that :)
  9. sigma


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    I think I know what you're trying to say. I'm certainly not one of those who is rolling on a wave through life.

    Some people (even on here) seem to just be rolling on with most things 'normal' and fine as can be.
  10. GreatAuk

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    I often see other people/friends and think that life seems pretty easy for them and they don't have many problems or sadness, but that's just because we all live in our own simulation, and it would take up too much processing power to give everyone else complex lives, so the programmer just made them all happy instead. Only in text based environments in the middle of the night does the CPU have enough spare power to simulate other people having problems.
  11. Frozennova

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    Thats a great perspective to look at this one


    I feel the same however I was the oldest, and am the same age as you, however I was a naturally intelligent person but due to not being pushed as a child and even the later years at school I had no ambition while at school and came out with poor grades to what I should have been expecting. I left school and spent the summer thinking about what to do, by that point it was too late and started A levels as I had no idea what I wanted to do and too late to apply for college anyway. 6 months of A levels later ( Feb 2009) and I dropped out as I was learning anything.
    While I was stuck working in a well known fast food chain and still am watching everything seem to fall into place with my friends.

    But this has left me knowing the other side so speak working full time and paying you way and working for what you have rather than having it handed to me on a plate, I feel better for it.
  12. BigglesPiP


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    Yep, does appear that way rather often, it might be the human condition to think we're getting shafted all the time, or you and I might just have been unlucky.

    A lot of it seems to stem from being honest and working hard. Take a flat I rented with a workmate; about a year ago he vanished from the face of the earth (leaving his job too) about a month before the 6 month rent agreement was up for renewal. Turns out he didn't pay the month before this either. So I am now left with 2 months of his rent to pay (almost £600) if I don't want to be hounded for it in the future. When we moved in we decided that we would each handle the admin of 2/4 bills and share the cost of all bills 50:50, he had Water and Electricity, turns out he never paid either. If I was being completely honest, I'd have paid these as well, I am liable for these bills. But he never put my name on the services.

    Starting work is another thing, when I take a graduate role somewhere; accounting for income tax, my car, a flat, food, utility bills and council tax, I will have very little left to spend or save. But - not wanting to sound like the Daily Mail here - a portion of what I pay towards these things is going to people who don't want to work, and are given enough money to go out drinking quite often, and to benefits cheats. I don't mind paying a disabled person to live in a flat, and I don't mind paying the people who take out jobseekers allowance, who do actually seek jobs rather than turning down opportunities they just don't like. People who are just plain unemployable are an interesting problem, I think they should be off benefits and out in the fields picking onions like thousands of people attempt to sneak into the country to do.
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  13. G-MAN2004


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    It probably happens on purpose in an effort to get us to improve our own lives.
  14. Cthulhu


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    According to my best mate, I just coast through life because I found a decent, and well paid, job straight out of University and get to travel the World at the Company's expense.

    Personally, I don't care. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy like a Brother but is it really my fault that I earn 5x his salary and have a kick arse job that I like?
  15. panthro


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    You shouldnt care about what other people have. Good luck to them. I have a lot of friends who just cruise by because of money, connections, luck etc. It doesnt bother me because I know everything Ive achieved has been with my own blood, sweat and tears.
  16. Clum


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    I feel sorry for anyone thats been cruising through life in a job and a relationship since they were 18. No way to live imo.
  17. Fuzz


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    Admit it then... you want your sister :D
  18. Steve2000


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    I was born in the 50s. I had three brothers, rationing was still around, our bog was outside, as was the tap. We had to walk 3-4 miles to school, in winters you would not even believe were possible (1963). Nobody had cars (or very few people did). My dad worked away on the rigs, my mam worked nights as a nurse. A lot of the time we had to fend for ourselves.

    I had to go to work when I was 14 stacking shelves in Texas Homebase, along with 3 paper rounds just to bring money in to feed our mouths.

    That was a tough upbringing. Bit of a cliche, but kids these days really do not know how good they have it.
  19. ac1d1ty

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  20. peetee


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    I wind up my family as without really exerting myself I always seem to land on my feet, something bad will happen.
    I look at my bro+sis and see how much cash theyr raking in and think theyv got it easy sometimes, but thats me in 2years so meh. Iv just got to stop drinking so much.