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Does anyone use asus a8n-sli with speedfan?

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Artheas, 10 May 2006.

  1. Artheas

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    I'm having a hard time working out what the 4 temp sensors are giving me readings from.
    temp1 is CPU
    temp2 is mobo
    temp3 is 29 degrees idle
    temp1 (?) is 40 degrees idle

    I've got a zalman heatsink on the chipset and i wouldnt expect it to be at 40 degrees, although theres not too much circulation around it.
    I'm just wondering what the temp1 and temp 3 sensors are, because i want to drive down the 40 degree temp as much as i can.
  2. hp7909


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    Most people ignore some of the temp readings SpeedFan gets. Like on mine Temp 3 reads 15°C which can not be right because case temps about 30°C, therefore it should be 30°C & above. On others its been noted @ 115°C :confused: Check-out even SpeedFan's own screenshots here.

    You can also get specific settings for your motherboard here.
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  3. Artheas

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    Thanks for the link, i tried it but it doesnt have the SE version, so i tried the regular and deluxe (off which the SE is based apparantly) versions.

    Its just a case of relabelling the names lol and one of them had the GPU as the thing at 40 degrees.
    So i turned off my vf900, the temps went up to 50+ according to nvidia, but speedfan still had it at 40 so i assume thats not it.

    Under 'chip', it says ACPI for it, and i cant find out what that is. Somewhere said it is the BIOS chip, but it is hardly warm and blowing a fan over it did nothing.
    What's weird is that the 40 degrees never changes whether i'm stress testing or not. I've also tried blowing the fan over various parts of the mobo and it makes no difference O.o
  4. Abruzzo


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    My findings with an Asus A8N-E mobo and an Athlon 64 X2 4400+ processor, may be of help.

    T1 is the CPU temperature.
    T2 is the mobo temperature.
    HD0 (via SMART) is the HD temperature.

    But what are:

    ACPI temperature, which always reads 40C?
    T3 temperature, which varies rapidly between 28C. and 45C. depending on CPU activity?

    I may have solved the T3 mystery. It is related to CPU activity.
    Ctrl+Alt+Delete = Task Manager > Performance. CPU usage is displayed.
    Speedfan > Charts > tick T3. T3 value is displayed.
    Load CPU to 30%. Wait a bit.
    Load CPU to 50%. Wait a bit.
    Load CPU to 100%. Wait a bit.
    Compare the CPU usage and T3 value displays.
    Correlation is almost exact.

    Another query:

    What is the difference between MOBO temperature and CHIPSET
    temperature? Are they different names for the same temperature?

  5. Artheas

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    'ACPI is for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. On some computers, SpeedFan can read no other temperature, but the one(s) exposed through this method. Usually this is a redundant reading and you can safely use this switch to completely prevent SpeedFan from looking for it. A better option would be to enter CONFIG and to hide the relevant reading in the temperature tab.'

    With the 3 remaining temperatures, i worked out what they were by doing the following.

    When idle, record temps. Then set CPU fan speed to 0. Temp that goes up is the CPU.
    Do the same again for the chipset fan. If a passive cooler is used, then instead of setting fan speed to 0, blow air over it. The temp which drops is the chipset.
    The last one should be PWM temp. If it rockets when under load, then that'll be it.

    AFAIK, mobo temp is meant to represent case temp.