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Does the advancement of Technology always bring people together

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Loki, 19 Jan 2006.

  1. Loki

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    I read an Ad on the way into work this morning basically entitled

    Does technology bring people together or push them apart /discuss

    May have been AOL as they are running a campaign with some provacative statements on them.

    My first thoughts were that yes its all good stuff. We have email, we can contact relatives on the other side of the globe at the push of a button, speak to them in real time with our webcams as if they were in the next room. We have an always on internet to help us learn and develop and entertain us. We play games with some stranger in the far reaches of whereversville. We make virtual freinds and relationships through message boards like this.

    It got me thinking is it all good though ?. A colleague from work went on Holiday to the Maldives the other week and said she couldn't wait to get into the internet cafe and send us all some pictures. Maybe a tad extreme but its becoming more commone place. At work email is always on and I am finding that I spend more of my time conversing with customers via email and my job is Primarily a Telephone Account Manager. You could literally work from home, do all your shopping at Asda, Tesco etc from the comfort of your arm chair in five minutes and still have no real need to explore the world outside your front door from one day to the next. People used to ring their freinds or significant others just to say hello and maintain some intimacy.

    What effects is it having on us from a psychological perspective with us always being available through one medium or another. Are we in danger of loosing the ability to converse with our family and freinds in a deep and meaningful way ? Is the art of conversation dying as a result of technological advances

    So as the title really. Does the advancement of Technology always bring people together ?

  2. anarchist


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    "Technology" is too broad to generalise. Some pushes people apart, some brings people together.

    But technology gave us the cars and aeroplanes that sent family away from us in the first place! Without those we wouldn't need webcams to bring us together again, which, let's face it, are a poor substitute for being in the same village.

    I don't think so. I talk to my mates on email while I'm at work because it's better than nothing (which is what we used to have), but that doesn't detract from the huge amount more enjoyment I get from being with my friends face to face.

    Having said that yes, there are obviously positives. The internet is a great learning and information tool, lots of technological advances have made life much easier - but whether technology as a whole has improved social contact is, as I said, a bit too broad to answer.