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Driver Training Days

Discussion in 'Motors' started by -westy-, 10 May 2006.

  1. -westy-


    Joined: 7 Nov 2002

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    Location: UK


    Due to a mate crashing his car last night, I've decided to invest in some driver training, and have suggested it to a few other people, everyone seems interested.

    We're looking for the usual skid pan etc - got a few questions.

    1. How much is this likely to cost?

    2. Can you do it in groups?

    3 Is it worth it?

    Thanks :)
  2. kitten_caboodle


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    there is a driver awareness day down in Warwickshire on June 8th. I'll find the details for you.
    Run by the IAMand it's on their website Here

    1. You can all sign up to do it together as far as I know
    2. This one is £99 quid
    3. Don't know, but they are the biggest provider of advanced motoring techniques and courses, so should be ok :)
  3. Del Lardo

    Wise Guy

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    £180 each

    Groups of 4

    Most definitely. I learned a lot about the handling of my car but far more importantly learned that I am nowhere nearly as tallented as I thought I was and to be honest I never though I was that fantastic to start with. Having a chap jump in your car and do things that you never thought it could do within 10 seconds of starting to move is a pretty humbling experience.
  4. eidolon


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    I think I'll definitely do a Walshy day at some point. Might get my gf to do one too, I'm sure she'd love it!
  5. Nozzer


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    W ot them two said.

    Walshy day is the only time my gf is allowed to drive my car as there's nothing to hit.