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Driving in snow. LSD Good, -60mm BAAAAD!!

Discussion in 'Motors' started by realscot, 4 Mar 2006.

  1. realscot

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    driving home from work yesterday listening to clumps of snow trail along the floor of my Honda Civic VTi-S yesterday made me cringe. Loads of traction with the LSD even stopping on icy slopes while some poor sod in an MX5 plowed into a transit van right in front of me. Got home to my village and woah, like a foot of snow on the streets! Nothing for it, second gear and give it some welly, see how far i get up the street before i get stuck. The answer is, right to my front door! Had to open the bonnet and take all the snow out of my engine bay with my hands though. It was right up past the exhaust manifold!!!
    So as you can see having 3inches of ground clearance is no good when you have 10 inches of snow. Excuse the quality it was taken with my camera fone.
  2. Siliconslave

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    hehe, good move matey, if you had a turbo it would do wonders for the intercooler :D
  3. iCraig


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    Picture is tiny, but nice story.

    I saw 2 accidents on my way home from work myself, both due to somebody driving at speed with snow in the gutter.

    The loss of traction on one side forced them to smash into the kerb and onwards into a wall and in the other case, a lamppost. Luckily there were no pedestrians.
  4. Pajeh


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    Not seen any yet but had some fun on an empty car park last night :)
  5. One More Solo


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    I had a whale of a time dropping my mates back from the pub last night since they all live in a small village.