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Duron 750 - my newest project

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Chronictank, 2 May 2006.

  1. Chronictank


    Joined: 12 Jan 2006

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    i am waiting on the last piece of the puzzel as i bought a KT7A for £5 as my Gigabye GA-7IXE4 can only go up to 115 Mhz on the FSB and doesnt provide multi settings (i dont want to hardware oc just yet), i have the cpu lying about so figured i may aswell put it to good use and see how far it goes.
    I have got my traditionally overkill heatsink, the stock fan off a Athlon XP 3200, but will probably use a coolmaster fan for a 2ghz socket A
    and some old gear i dont mind losing :) (might even mod my Zalman Flower to fit a socket A for entertainments sake ^^)
    I am aiming for 1Ghz+ as reading various articles it seems that is the average max found by people without any hardware moddifications bar unlocking the processor.

    Is there anything i should watch out for which people have found over the years? or is it pretty straight forward :)

    Yes i chickened out of taking my opteron any further, i just dont feel comfortable pushing a grands worth of gear to breaking point :p
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  2. daz


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    I can't remember whether the 750 was Morgan or Spitfire core, but only one of the types was highly overclockable, the other you'll be lucky to get 10-20%. :o
  3. pcoltrane


    Joined: 18 Sep 2005

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    the morgan core was much later than the old 750 IIRC. I have a 1.4 morgan that does 2.2ghz and the cache unlocks :D

    I used to have a 750 duron too back in the day... only a few batches were happy at 1ghz + without mega voltage, but 950 should be pretty easy. What a bargain those chips were compared to the intel p3s back then :D