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EA football world woes

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by K1LLSW1TCH, 12 Oct 2009.



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    Hello, right, I just scored a wonder goal in FIFA10 and uploaded the footage in game as per norm. Now, I go to easportsfootballworld and sign in with my email address and password, but it's showing up in there as my old gamertag. The footage was uploaded on my new gamertag.

    Now, the problem appears when I try and change persona to add my new gamertag to my EA sports account. The problem is that it asks me to select the type of persona I would like to add, so I select Xbox Live Gamertag. I then enter my gamertag into the little box and hit the "add persona" button. It then comes back with an error message telling me that gamertag has already been taken... of course it's been taken I'm the one bloody using it!

    This is quite infuriating now so is anybody able to tell me what I'm doing wrong? All I want to do is share my uploaded footage with mates and this is driving me up the wall. EA's online game mode menu's and their websites are both a complete mess and need sorting out to make things clearer for their users.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. antijoke


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    Have you tried searching for the name you use in the search box? Instead of logging in.

    I did this and it's how I found my videos where being uploaded to a different profile.

    Do you also have a PS3 or PC account at all?

    I was in a very similar positon to you trying to find my PS3 persona from my 360 persona and it was driving me bloody nuts.


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    I haven't yet tried that but I'll go off and do it now. :)

    And also, no I don't have a PS3 or a PC account sorry.

    Thanks for your suggestion.


    I can now find my vids, but am still unable to log in, although the logging in is less important, I was just after links to post. Thank you mate. :)
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  4. utajoker


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    well... lets see the goal.
  5. R0B75


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    Is the new gamertag using a different email address with MS? If so you would have to login to EA with that and link the gamertag to it. If not then I'd get hold of EA and get them to sort it out. I had a similar problem which I sorted out by logging into EA with the correct Email address.


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    Same E-mail address mate. :)

    It's alright now though, as long as I can fetch the links then everything is fine, I don't care much for editing my ea sports profile or any of that junk.

    Cheers for everyones replies. :)