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*Edit: Sorry, wrong channel.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by TreeUK, 28 Jul 2020.

  1. TreeUK


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    Hey all, I'm hoping this is still the right format for build help requests.

    My current PC has reached its end-of-life and I'm looking for a complete respec with help from your experienced selves. The only existing parts that'll transfer are SSDs and a non-gaming second monitor LG 27UK850 (4K).

    I want to be ready for the next gen games, I'm looking at you Cyberpunk 2077, although I also do Unity game dev.

    I've historically gone for Intel / Nvidia for stable driver comfort but I'm open to change if it accomplishes the same goals.

    Monitor-wise it'll be my second / third screen so it can be completely gaming-attribute focused.
    I'd like to get 144Hz gaming and FreeSync / G-Sync if I can even if that means I can't get 4K out of it, I imagine that 4K gaming-ready monitors are thin on the ground or insanely expensive.

    Case-wise it'll sit under my desk, so I don't need it full of RGB. While water-cooled would be nice, I have noise cancelling headphones so as long as nothing catches fire I should be golden.

    Thanks for checking this out, let me know if I've been a spanner or Big Navi is likely to require new motherboards that don't yet exist or something.