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email hosting

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by mattux, 29 May 2006.

  1. mattux


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    i want to buy a domain name and be able to send/recieve email using outlook for that domain ie
    i want the recipients to see that its from my domain and not forwarded from some other email account
    normally i would enter an smtp server address to send mail but i cannot see any information on this anywhere, tried lots of hosting/domain companies.
    the only things i see are pop3 and imap.
    be good if someone could shed a little light on this for me :confused: .


  2. Tesla


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    My hosting is provided by Beansprout of these forums.
    I know him in real-life so knew his service would be fantastic, and it definately is!

    I get my own mail servers tied to my domains (I have private and business hosting with him). I use Outlook as my mail client. Originally I had my mail forwarded to a blueyonder account. But the blueyonder mail server is so unreliable this is a much better and far more reliable solution.

    I'm sure he wouldn't mind you emailing him, in all fairness there are some other members here who offer webhosting. I also have an account with a forum member Adz (www.ocuk-motors.co.uk) and i cannot fault his service either.
  3. Beansprout

    Man of Honour

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    POP3 and SMTP are paired together; IMAP is a separate method. The reason I don't have SMTP on my company's homepage is purely down to lack of space :o (it's on the extra pages, though)

    There's basically two ways of interfacing with an e-mail account - one whereby you download messages from the server to your PC (POP) and then connect to the server to send e-mail (SMTP), the other whereby you 'sync' your PC to the server and interact with it, so things aren't really stored on your PC - they're all kept on the server. That's IMAP.

    Here's some definitions since I'm running around...



    But basically if you're seeing that you get a POP/SMTP/IMAP e-mail account for a something@yourdomain.com then that's a proper account whereby you can send/receive e-mail from that domain :)