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Email solution required

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by MehulLakhani, 17 Apr 2010.

  1. MehulLakhani

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    Location: Watford

    Hi All

    I wanted to pick the group ocuk brains on my email problems . . .

    I have a domain + POP3/SMTP for my email needs.

    At home I use outlook 2007, and at work I used the webmail based client. I log in using my iphone, and send emails also.

    My problem is that a lot of things dont tally/synchronise. For example emails that I send at work using ther webmail interface are stored in a seperate sent folder to those at home on the laptop - which are downloaded and stored locally.

    My biggest pain is that my emails, once on the laptop, cant be access at work - as the laptop isnt on, and the webmail client only shows whatever mails have come in today.

    I know that I can stop downloading emails locally, and leave them all on the server. But this is a very messy solution , and I hate webmail, and would love to use outlook at work and at home, but have centralised email if that makes sense.

    I am happy to have a small server on at home all the time. Would it be possible to have an MS exchange server at home to fulfill my requriemts, or is this overkill ? Any other better solutions ? Am a bit out of my depth here !



  2. AbsenceJam


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    Why don't you use Google Apps and access it via IMAP if you really ened to use a client like Outlook?
  3. wij

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    I'd be rather surprised if whoever hosted your email now wouldn't support IMAP.

    But yes, you could use a hosted exchange solution - plenty of people do them for a few quid a month for a mailbox.

    Would sync all your contacts and calendars together too, and the integration is pretty good with the iPhone these days.
  4. MehulLakhani

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    Joined: 12 Jan 2003

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    Location: Watford

    Sorry - forgot to add that I have a 4gb PST file from my current outlook setup that I want to be able to access all of/search all of

    Long story . . . . .

    Any more ideas ?


  5. zetec452


    Joined: 15 Sep 2003

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    MS exchange at home = overkill. Not to mention it is expensive.

    You could have a large hosting account with somebody like tsohost.co.uk or vidahost.co.uk using imap (or secure imap) and sync your mail. Or, go for a hosted exchange solution, again, tsohost offer this. It is more expensive.

    Or, you could use the google service as suggested which imo is very very good. This would be my option.
  6. sublime


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    Google Apps Premier.

    You'll have access to the sync tools that will allow you to synchronise your mail/labels/contacts/calendar across Outlook 2007, https and mobile.
  7. Cycrow


    Joined: 11 Nov 2003

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    first i would check if your email provider can use IMAP, and use that instead of pop3

    the web client will also need to be setup to use imap.

    althou, if imap is working, then both home and work should be able to use outlook.

    if you dont wanna go the route of getting an online company to do it for you, u could install a simple server at your house to do it.

    an exchange server would be overkill, but u could use a basic unix mail server instead