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Enabling vSync On A Viewsonic VX912

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by jbloggs, 17 Jan 2006.

  1. jbloggs


    Joined: 4 Sep 2005

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    Location: NI

    I have a Viewsonic VX912 connected to an Asus AX800XT graphics card, via a DVI (digital) input.

    I wish to know, how would I enable vsync on this monitor?

    How would I find out if it is already enabled?

    Would it be enabled through the settings accessed through the front of the monitor, or through the graphic drivers, ie ATI CCC? Can it be enabled using either an analogue or digital connection or both?

    In what situation would "one" want to have vsync "enabled"? ie would it be beneficial to have it enabled for playing games such as COD2?

    This game, COD2, plays very well with the way I have everything set up at the moment, no "tearing" (I believe it is called), very high level of detail, no ghosting etc.

    In the ATI CCC, under the 3D settings, API Specific, OpenGL setting, I have Tripple buffering UNticked.

    In setting up the ATI CCC (using version Catalyst 5.13) I followed the ATI Catalyst guide found here:


    Which I have found very helpful.

    Many thanks for your suggestions and comments! :)
  2. Atari


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    As far as I know, and I may well be off here - Vsync is controlled through your graphics drivers, in your case, the ATI CCC. I'm not running CCC on my computer as it would give me errors everytime Windows loaded up - but if it's anything like the standard control panel - you simply have to go to the Direct3D and the OpenGL tab, and set Vsync to 'always on'.

    The problem is however, that enabling Vsync will cause a drop in your FPS, so I usually keep it off unless there's an issue with tearing on my monitor (Sammy 913N).

    Apologies if this isn't much use to you, but I'm sure Badass will be here soon to provide some more useful information.

  3. Bony Maloney


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    If you re-read the guide m8, and go to page 6, and look under the 3d section you will see: "Wait for vertical sync" That is where you turn v-sync on/off.
    Hope that helps :)
  4. jbloggs


    Joined: 4 Sep 2005

    Posts: 6,961

    Location: NI

    Bony Maloney:

    Yes, that explains it well!

    I had not read that part before because I was going through the ATI Catalyst Control Center guide and not the ATI Control Panel guide, which this is.

    Many thanks for your help! :)