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eVGA 680i + Nforce drivers problem

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by gungHO, 17 Sep 2007.

  1. gungHO


    Joined: 13 Sep 2007

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    Backstory: Had problems installing windows xp 64, "fixed" it by updating bios to P30. everything goes fine, display drivers & network drivers installed, programs all re-downloaded and computer is working fine.

    until this morning. booted up the computer and it was laggy. rebooted it and suddenly my hard drives are gone. fiddled around in the bios for a bit and managed to get them back. booted into windows after a lengthy wait and then it crashes. reboot again - this time no mouse is found. mouse is eventually found again and windows begins its slow bootup progress. Finally manage to get into windows in a respectable time and then get greeted by some fantastic news - network adapter drivers are gone. spend a while attempting to reinstall the drivers which came on the evga disc, and even resorted to downloading them from their website (via other pc).

    and it has been like that ever since. whatever I do it just will not use or find the drivers. reformatted twice in order to clear any old drivers it had - same message. you can boot the "install motherboard drivers" cd - which selects SM Bus, Ethernet and something else. unticked the 2 I don't need and continue. Installation says complete so I reboot - still nothing. It doesn't even show the I394 or whatever connect it had. it's blank. even when using the CD to install the SM Bus drivers it doesn't register with windows (device manager still shows them as missing).

    when trying to use the NAM installation it says it finds no Nvidia hardware/drivers and quits. What solutions are there? I was told that the evga 680i was a great motherboard, but to be honest I think it completely sucks. has given me nothing but trouble since I started using it.