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Expanding wifi with second AP

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by snowdog, 21 Jan 2019.

  1. snowdog


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    I occasionally experience wifi hiccups with my wifi IP camera, this one is placed on the opposite side of the house and a floor higher than my current AP. Overall my current AP is perfect, no problems, good signal and bandwith on both floors, I get actual 400-500 mb on a speedtest on wifi in my room. Especially 5ghz devices have no problems at all and all the 2.4 ghz devices downstairs also never have a problem.

    I feel like the 2,4 ghz band is just not enough to reach one of my IP cams (upstairs), seeing as I get occasional few second hiccups in the RTSP stream.

    I want to place a cheap 300 mbit 2.4ghz AP in that room.

    Now I understand that the best way is to choose different non overlapping channel for that AP.
    But how well do client devices select an AP (in case of same AP name/SSID) ?

    Eg. Should I call this AP the same as my AP downstairs, or name it like _2 and force just the camera on that AP?

    Basically I'm asking, how aggressive is AP switching in client devices and how well would wifi client pick between the 2 AP's with a same SSID (eg. channel 1 and channel 7)? Would it simply pick the channel with the best gain at that moment? What would trigger it to switch to the other (other than completely the signal on that channel).

    I'm asking because I think some devices (e.g.) my phone are not aggressive enough when switching to 4G/LTE, eg. I'm outside like 30 meters from my house, and the wifi is quite bad, like 10 mbit at best. It should have switched to LTE much sooner as I get 100-150 mbit in my street (even inside). How well do Wifi clients like an IP cam switch to a better source of connectivity?
  2. bremen1874


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    AP switching behaviour varies by device.

    With a fixed IP camera I can't see it as an issue. It isn't going to be wandering around so won't need to change APs.
  3. Avalon


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    As above, some devices are known to hang onto whatever they connect to first for grim death (eg apple), an IP camera is more likely to do as it’s told, also if it’s a problem then just set-up a different SSID and that solves the problem compleatly.