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External Hardrive problem? Fast Answer needed :)

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by harris1986, 3 Feb 2006.

  1. harris1986


    Joined: 4 Aug 2005

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    Hi guys, i recently got a Maxtor 80gb external hard drive, and connected everything up fine, but when i plug the usb in to my computer i get a message saying that it is plugged into a non usb 2.0 port? now i'm guessing that i need to install a usb 2.0 driver controller but can anyone link me to one or have any other ideas?
  2. mosfet

    Wise Guy

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  3. harris1986


    Joined: 4 Aug 2005

    Posts: 2,684

    well i tried the drivers disk with my motherboard and it says that as i have windows sp2 installed on my comp i don't need to install the drivers :S?
  4. Steves_pc


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    I get similar with a couple of 2.5" jobbys

    However, it happens way more if i'm plugged into the extra usb's up front of the case
    and rarely if plugged into the one's on the mobo and i know mines not a driver issue so i'm guessing the cables that goto the ports on the case front are not so good and hence the drives only connect at usb1 speeds.

    Thats my thoughts anyhow and i dont have a better answer!
  5. harris1986


    Joined: 4 Aug 2005

    Posts: 2,684

    haha thanks steve it's ok, mite try the same problem in the motherboard forum, it's not asthough i have a lot plugged into usb on my motherboard either, all i have is Razer Copperhead mouse, webcam (yes i know i'm vain:D), and the hard drive is the third. even when i go into device manger it doesn't show that i have Enhanced usb, i have tried installing the drivers that came with the cd to no avail, i am getting a new motherboard soon, so will install usb 2.0 drivers before i install windows xp sp2 and see whether it's just sp2 being retarded
  6. sunky


    Joined: 2 Dec 2005

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    u have to intsall the right driver, simple