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F1 2010 season abit boring?

Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by matthab, 15 Mar 2010.

  1. matthab


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    ***Sorry if this has been all ready***

    Sunday we all sat down with a cold beer and all the mates as we usually do. The race started and we watched them all dive into the first corner with excitement. As the race drew on we found ourselves going into idle chit chat away from the race. It was only when Vettles exhaust broke our attention came back for a short while.

    I know this is only the first race but at the first race last year we were on the edge of our seats as the tables had turned. We all think its because the teams are being very conservative and not pushing for the glory. Also the no refuel rule seems to make it also less tactical.

    I for one hope it gets more interesting with more races to come. So what do you think, is this years season going to be as action packed?
  2. Malt_Vinegar


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    1 race in? New teams to follow, new drivers to see grow, and teams learning new regulations...

    It was always going to be a slightly conservative approach..
  3. Third Opinion


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    I hope this isn't how the rest of the season follows. Kept hearing on the pit radio's, save your engine, save your tyres.

    How can nursing a car round the track for 2 hours encourage risk taking and over taking. I cant see the problem with having one engine for the whole weekend other than expense.

    The drivers comments where also not very encouraging with Lewis Hamilton describing the period after the tyre change as just like a train.

    Hopefully things will brighten up as it is only the first race on quite a boring track.
  4. hp7909


    Joined: 8 Jun 2003

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    Its just the first race, besides that circuit has always been boring.

    Have your mates over for the next race (Aussie) which from all the ones I've watched has never been a snooze feast.
  5. Smit


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    Yep it was painfully boring to be honest apart from the cars at the back of the track.

    The new regulations have actually made it worse in terms of overtaking!

    I'm really hoping for an improvement in the upcoming races. The drivers and even Whitmarsh are complaining saying changes need to be made because it's just not possible to overtake with the current regulations and 1 stop strategies.
  6. dannyjo22


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    The tyres are too hard that is all thats wrong. Stop forcing them to use both compounds and give them a tyre that lasts half distance and a super soft that is much quicker but would mean two stops or more.

    Yesterdays race was just ruined by the tyres being way too hard. That will be sorted soon enough.

    Again a failure of such limited testing in the preseason.

    Whitmarsh said they reckon they could have almost done a race distance on one set of tyres.
  7. GingerNinja1989

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 6 Dec 2007

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    1st race and at a Tilkedrome - what do you expect? :p
  8. dannyjo22


    Joined: 9 May 2005

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    Location: Cambridge

    Austria was a tilkedrome and that was the best circuit on the calendar for over taking. They don't need a change in circuits, just a change in aero then all these tracks would be excellent.

    Even Hungary was exciting once upon a time :D
  9. Witor


    Joined: 9 Jan 2007

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    Location: Gibraltar

    Aero Aero Aero.

    Shame the DDD is banned for next year, not this. Agreed the track is not necessarily a good indication of how the rest of the season will progress, but it doesn't bode well from what i've seen.

    Also, out of curiosity, wouldn't it have been more beneficial to reduce tyre width at the rear, not at the front for this season?

    Agree with the general sentiment that 2 mandatory pit stops would help somewhat in terms of faster race-pace. That, or tyre types brought by bridgestone limited to stickier, less durable ones, increasing the likelihood of 2 stops.
  10. Memphis


    Joined: 13 Jan 2004

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    1 event and we're writing an entire season off? :rolleyes: For god sake.
  11. Wicksta


    Joined: 14 Sep 2005

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    Location: Burnham, Bucks

    To be fair it's not just 'us' - people like Nick Fry, Martin Whitmarsh, Kovaleinen etc. are all very concerned and want something done to avoid a repeat of yesterday's snoozefest. These guys work in F1, they can see there is an inherent problem and it's not likely to be a one off or they would say so. I trust the people with the data and I think something should be done sooner rather than later if it's as bad as they are making out.
  12. Type_R


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    We being Nick Fry (Mercedes GP) and Schumacher (7 times World Champion) - go figure!
  13. godinman


    Joined: 26 Feb 2007

    Posts: 8,001

    Well it wasn't the best start really was it...doesn't bode well and such.

    If I was in charge I'd let them take as many pit stops as they want, limit them to a slightly softer tyre, and allow only a front and back wing, of uniform curve (or whatever it is) along it's whole width. And also somehow limit the amount of body buldges etc. And also maybe limit fuel so they have to stop at least twice, so they don't try and conserve tyres.

    Probably loads of problems with this, but in my opinion it would actually make them RACE each other...
  14. Spie


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

    Posts: 13,055

    There's a lot of excitement around F1 at the moment. Four world champions and new teams. Some great driver/team partnerships too.

    However, the Bahrain race was utterly boring. Mind-numbingly so. Hardly any overtakes except when Vettel lost power. It was really just a procession.

    Button was asked for some analysis at the end of the race and said "“All the cars stop at the same time and don't overtake each other.” He was right.
  15. Glaucus

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 11 Mar 2004

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    that is not f1, if you want pure racing F1 is not for you. Switch to a same car series. All they need to do is tighten riles on aero dynamics and massively reduce restrictions on mechanicals.
  16. pingwing


    Joined: 9 Apr 2008

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    I forgot all about the Osterreichring! :) Used to like that race, never realised it was a tilkedrome.... It did benefit from not being in the middle of a desert with no notable features for 40 miles around other than sand though... (all hail tracks built near hills and forests)

    Anyway even james allen cant really put a good spin on the season opener (the itv website isnt working to well right now but it should be back up later)... Got a feeling the tyre's will be messed about with next gp though (hopefully)
  17. godinman


    Joined: 26 Feb 2007

    Posts: 8,001

    What is f1 then?
  18. mmj_uk


    Joined: 26 Dec 2003

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    You're just excusing the sorry state that F1 has found itself in recent years, it wasn't always like this.
  19. Glaucus

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 11 Mar 2004

    Posts: 76,645

    it is as much about technology as it is drivers. If you want pure racing there are many series that cater for that.

    not at all. F1 has never been out and out racing. It has always been dominated by a few teams. The diffrence is back then the cars had more power than grip. Now there is far more aero then power. Which is the wrong way around. Needs to be far less aero design and far more mechanical design.
    Last edited: 15 Mar 2010
  20. Spie


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

    Posts: 13,055

    Agreed. Bring back 3 litre flat-12's :D