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Faint White Lines at High Refresh Rates (120Hz+)

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by lowers93, 12 Oct 2020.

  1. lowers93


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    Hi all,

    I recently purchased an Iiyama GB3466WQSU-B1 and set it up running at 1440p and 144hz only to notice these really faint horizontal white lines (static) appearing on my windows title bars. Now I've noticed these faint lines in other places too where there are light colours (Blues, Orange, Some Greens) but i can't see anything on most colours including dark grey/black and white backgrounds.

    It seems really odd it is only on some colours and sometimes i think i am seeing things it's so faint but they are definitely there and disappear <120Hz. I can't screenshot it so i think it's hardware related? I tried to take a photo to show it but it's really hard:

    Has anyone experience something like this before or have any idea what it is and how to fix it?

    I tried another DP1.4 cable (albeit identical manufacturer & spec) but that didn't fix it.
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