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Far Cry 2 - does it get better...

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Jase, 10 Apr 2010.

  1. Jase


    Joined: 19 Oct 2002

    Posts: 4,848

    Location: Pembrokeshire

    I've had Far Cry 2 for a while, just never really played it, in a bid to get through some of my "outstanding" games I installed it this afternoon. I'm finding it pretty boring though, seems like way to much time is spent travelling from one place to another with not enough action.. and what action there is is not that good.

    I was just about to unistall it and put in the, ohh well waste of money pile, but maybe I'm being to harsh.. does it get better as the game goes on or not ? I loved the 1st game, this just seems soo different though :(
  2. jellybeard999


    Joined: 7 Feb 2004

    Posts: 7,800

    Location: NE

    1st game was good, the second is terrible IMO
  3. Repta


    Joined: 30 Jul 2008

    Posts: 4,656

    Location: Surrey

    nope it gets worse. Probably the biggest disappointment ever when it comes to gaming for me
  4. Squakingcow


    Joined: 28 Apr 2007

    Posts: 490

    You will get more fun out of this game by taking it as a suppository than you will by playing it.

    Uninstall and then burn the disk is the best course of action.
  5. neoboy


    Joined: 16 Mar 2004

    Posts: 12,641

    Location: UK

    Wonder if any released a "no checkpoints" mod for it?
  6. dmcg


    Joined: 5 Jul 2009

    Posts: 3,703

    fc2 just gets worse the further u get in
  7. Rroff

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 13 Oct 2006

    Posts: 75,284

    It gets a bit better after the first 2 hours - but theres still too many irritations to really enjoy it, and the last quarter or so its pretty meh too.

    With some fairly simple modding it could have been a really great game... such a shame they really dropped the ball without proper play testing.
  8. [email protected]


    Joined: 8 Nov 2008

    Posts: 27,826

    I agree, it could have been a very good game indeed but sadly too many bad points like the respawning enemies, guns jamming too often, ruined it.
  9. Gerard


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 35,485

    Location: Ireland


    Sums it all up really, not a bit of wonder the devs claimed there was 50 hours of gamplay in it. :rolleyes:
  10. D1ngd0ng

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 20 Aug 2009

    Posts: 1,192

    Location: Local to someone

    Terrible game, surely the most entertaining part is finding interesting ways to kill your character
  11. Jase


    Joined: 19 Oct 2002

    Posts: 4,848

    Location: Pembrokeshire

    Thanks guys, not going to waste my time playing it any more then.. I know I have a lot better games to get through.
  12. trickycurve

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 3 Jun 2009

    Posts: 1,341

    Location: London

    The second area/island is marginally better, if only because the landscape makes it so due to a slightly better design. But on the whole, the first few missions are as boring and repetitive as the rest. The constant respawning outposts and driving around was a terrible idea and is what makes the game so unbearable.
  13. ojrules

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 18 Nov 2007

    Posts: 1,718

    I didnt think it was a terrible game, although i didn't play much of the original far cry, and combined with the ammount of hype this game was given it was probably a huge letdown to those looking forward to it...
  14. PapaLazaru


    Joined: 23 Dec 2009

    Posts: 17,901

    Location: RG8

    After the amazing first game, it certainly made me 'Cry 2'.

    Utter abomination of a game. What a waste of serious programming time. it could have been the best game ever made with a bit of thought.
  15. Rozzy85

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 27 Jun 2008

    Posts: 1,532

    The biggest problem with FC2 was the repetitive missions as everything is pretty much the same. It's better if you can just unlock everything from the beginning and just mess around until you're bored.
  16. Squakingcow


    Joined: 28 Apr 2007

    Posts: 490

    It was repetitive, the game play was awful, it had re-spawning enemies, irritating long drives between objectives, horrible horrible stealth mechanics and the game just felt completely numb.

    For me at least it was one of the worst games I have played in a good few years.
  17. RaMDOM

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 20 Nov 2005

    Posts: 1,667

    Location: Birmingham

    To be fair, the combat model was bang on. Felt really good when you got to a mission. however like everyone has said here; far to repetitive.

    You get a mission, you then look at the map and sigh as you see the amount of check points you have to go through. You then do not bother.

    I just do not understand why, when the game had two factions, that the devs did not introduce some sort of faction play that the player could get involved in a influence. Bit obvious to be honest and they should be ashamed they missed it.

    I think to much of the budget was spent on trips to Africa imo.
  18. Aod


    Joined: 7 Oct 2004

    Posts: 8,675

    Location: London

    no, the combat mechanic was god awful. Weapons shoot every-which-way except where you actually pointed them, and IF you managed to actually hit your enemies they'd take an entire magazine to the chest and keep going. five, six shots to the head before they'd get the hint were commonplace.

    in Crysis that made sense because you were fighting super-armoured killing machines, not African Guerrillas.

    all in all, the best part of the game was uninstalling it and microwaving the disk.
  19. stulid

    Capo Crimine

    Joined: 17 Jan 2010

    Posts: 66,847

    Location: weston-super-mare

    It sucks major ****, its the biggest waste of repetitive **** I have played in a long time.
  20. MoRT489


    Joined: 21 Aug 2006

    Posts: 7,105

    i wanted to like this game cos the gfx r great and such a large playable area, but the AI is terrible and it just feels pointless cos it is so repetitive...how many times can u shoot up a checkpoint or set the savanna on fire!